Candidate privacy statement

Optimum Assessment values the privacy of exam candidates and other data subjects whose personal data are processed. Optimum Assessment’s exam software is used as a testing platform both in the Netherlands and abroad. AVG regulations are strictly adhered to in this regard.

Data processing

Exam candidates’ data

Optimum Assessment processes – where applicable – the following personal data of exam candidates:

  • Initials;
  • First and last name;
  • Address, zip code and city;
  • E-mail address;
  • Date of birth;
  • Birthplace;
  • BSN.


In order to execute the agreement with our clients and ultimately with the exam candidate, Optimum Assessment processes personal data. The purpose of this data is to:

  • Enabling the examination administration;
  • Schedule an exam date;
  • Identify the exam candidates at the test site;
  • To establish an examination result;
  • Send the result(s);
  • Review an application for exam time extension;
  • Register in the PE Registry (after the exam candidate has agreed).

Other user data Optimum Assessment.

Optimum Assessment processes the following personal data of other users, other than the exam candidate, with a login account in Optimum Assessment Platform:

  • Initials, first and last name;
  • E-mail address.


Optimum Assessment processes the above personal data for:

  • Enabling the execution of various (management) activities in Optimum Assessment Platform;
  • Maintaining (logging) the performed (management) actions per user;
  • Providing a login name and giving access to Optimum Assessment Platform.

Sharing personal data with third parties

Optimum Assessment may disclose personal data to third parties if it is legally required to do so for the purpose of providing services based on an active contract with our clients.

These include the following categories of recipients:

  • Testing location suppliers
  • Proctoring vendors (if proctoring exam).


The sharing of personal data is done to:

  • Identify the exam candidates at the test site;
  • To be able to facilitate an examination candidate in the examination administration;
  • To be able to determine that the examination administration was conducted in an orderly manner by the examination candidate;

Forwarding of personal data is done only if it is compatible with the purpose for which the personal data in question was collected.

Other provisions

Rights of data subjects

When processing personal data, the right of:

  • Insight;
  • Objection;
  • Correction;
  • Oblivion;
  • Data limitation;
  • Transfer of data.

Right of inspection

To gain an understanding of the personal data that Optimum Assessment processes, a request for access may be submitted by email at Within 4 weeks of receiving the request confirmation, Optimum Assessment will send a summary that includes the following information:

  • What data Optimum Assessment processes;
  • The purpose of data processing;
  • The relevant retention periods;
  • If applicable: the recipients;
  • If applicable: the data source.

Right to object

Where Optimum Assessment processes data pursuant to the performance of a legal duty or a legitimate interest, the exam candidate has the right to object to data processing by Optimum Assessment. Objections can be made by e-mail at Optimum Assessment reviews the objection and communicates the outcome within four weeks. If the objection is found to be valid, Optimum Assessment will carry out the processing within four weeks.

Right of rectification

If the personal data processed by Optimum Assessment is not correct, complete or up to date, this can be notified by email at Should an investigation reveal that the personal data are indeed not correct, complete or current, Optimum Assessment will amend these data as soon as possible and at the latest within four weeks. In addition, if applicable, by written notice, other parties to whom Optimum Assessment has provided the data will be notified with a request to amend the data.

Right to oblivion

The right to oblivion applies in the following cases:

  • If your personal data is no longer necessary for the established purpose;
  • If your data processing is based on a given consent and this consent is withdrawn;
  • If Optimum Assessment processes personal data without a valid reason (i.e. pursuant to law, performance of agreement, consent, etc.);
  • If there is a law stating that personal data processed must be erased after a certain time;
  • If it involves data of persons under 16 years of age;
  • If there is a legitimate objection to the personal data processing.

Claiming oblivion can be done by sending an e-mail to Optimum Assessment reviews the request and informs of the outcome within four weeks. If Optimum Assessment honors the request, the right to oblivion will be applied within four weeks of receiving the request. Please note that if the right to oblivion does not apply, Optimum Assessment will inform the applicant within two weeks.

Right to restriction of data processing

The right to restrict data processing applies in the following cases:

  • The personal data processed is incorrect;
  • The personal data processing is unlawful;
  • The personal data in question are no longer needed for the purpose of processing;
  • An objection is made to the personal data processing. Until Optimum Assessment has ruled on the objection, the data will not be processed. Please note that if Optimum Assessment believes that the objection is unjustified, the right to restrict data processing does not apply.

Claiming the right to restriction of data processing can be done by e-mail at Optimum Assessment reviews and informs of the outcome of the request within 4 weeks.

Right to data portability

When personal data is processed digitally, the right to transfer personal data may apply. A request to this effect may be sent by e-mail to, quoting the following information:

  • Your name and contact information;
  • What data is involved;
  • In what manner you wish to receive the data;
  • Recipient name.

Optimum Assessment provides the personal data in question in a CSV file (without further rights and/or licenses). Optimum Assessment reserves the right to refuse data transfer if the customer for whom the data has been processed does not consent to the transfer. A decision will be made within four weeks of receipt of the request.

Retention periods

Optimum Assessment does not retain personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed. Here, the statutory retention periods are used. Where statutory retention periods are lacking, the retention periods set by the Personal Data Authority in the Wbp exemption decree are used where possible. The retention periods used by Optimum Assessment are established in a retention period policy. After the (legal) retention period, your personal data will be destroyed.


Optimum Assessment reserves the right to modify this privacy policy.