Digital assessment software for education

Optimum Assessment offers a safe, robust and flexible assessment system that is very intuitive and approachable to use for both students and teachers. Moreover, the platform is fully scalable.


Assessment in education


Effortlessly scale up while maintaining quality, performance and safety


Easily integrate with tools in existing ecosystems such as LMS, CRM, and SIS


Assessment support for various forms of education


Easy and approachable development of assessment content, individually or collaboratively

Optimum Assessment Platform in education.

Easy switching

With the latest industry standards in data exchange (such as QTI) and the ability to customize the workflow within the tool to your own process, the transition to our assessment system is quite easy. Given its capabilities for external technical links, APIs and Web services, it is also easy to integrate into an existing ecosystem.


Optimum Assessment Platform is designed with usability in mind. With an intuitive interface and convenient functionalities, it has never been easier to create, manage, assess and analyze (digital) assessments.

Flexibility and Single Sign-On (SSO).

The platform is modular and can be easily deployed based on specific needs of each customer. In addition, it is possible to work with different labels within the same platform. In addition, all modules can be accessed through a user-friendly interface. End users do not have to switch between different tools, allowing them to work very efficiently.

Guaranteed safe & stable

Privacy, security and information management are embedded in all of Optimum Assessment’s products and services. This results in optimal service for all our partners. Especially for high-stake exams, a guaranteed secure and stable assessment environment is of great importance.


Content experts timely involved in or notified of needed modifications requiring specific expertise. Based on metadata, a variety of assessment insights are presented that ensure the quality of items and assessments.

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