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At Optimum Assessment, we understand that each industry has its own unique challenges and needs when it comes to (digital) assessment.

Our solution and support services provide every user with a secure and reliable way to design, host, monitor, assess and analyze digital exams.
Whether you work in government, are part of an exam institute or professional organization, are in education or active in business, Optimum Assessment has a solution to fit your specific needs.



Examination institutions, professional and trade associations


About Optimum Assessment

Optimum Assessment believes in the power of digital assessment and certification as an engine for personal and professional growth. We strive to work with our clients to create the ultimate assessment experience. In doing so, we see our clients as partners. Besides coming up with solutions, we also provide implementation and offer support and guidance where needed. Our concrete and practical approach has allowed many clients, in a variety of sectors, to excel in the digital landscape.

The Optimum Assessment Platform is our innovative digital testing platform.
It is secure, reliable and interactive, making it easy to design, host, monitor and analyze tests.
We are proud of the strong collaboration with our partners and actively invest in these relationships.


Why choose Optimum Assessment?


Smooth product implementation

Dedicated team with lots of experience


Professional process guidance

Always a personal point of contact


Guidance where desired

Eye for the customer’s desire


Expert in digital assessment

More than 30 years of experience


Optimum Assessment Platform in top 10 assessment solutions in Europe


Optimum Assessment and SVH commit to charity


Optimum Assessment appoints Jantina Dorreman as new Director of Internationalization


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