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%%title%% %%page%% – Digital assessments %%sep%% %%sitename%% Our consultants are happy to help you make the right choices in the (further) design of your assessment development. After all, how do you set up a question bank? Which question type best fits what you are testing? And how do you formulate questions?

Optimum Assessment is also your partner in digital assessment. Are you about to embark on a digitization drive or is it time for a testing technology update? We are ready to answer all your questions and guide you through your issue.

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Advice on- and guidance on testing and the assessment process.

  • All-round advice on examination
    Find the optimal form of test for your examination issues.
  • Advising on the complete test cycle
    Direct the test development, test administration, assessment, result feedback and complaint handling as required.
  • Testing project leadership
    Supervising and directing test development.
  • Process and role descriptions test development, determination and examination board
    Shaping the optimal division of roles with corresponding responsibilities within your process of item and test development.
  • Advising on exam regulations
    Realizing a complete overview of do’s and don’ts regarding the exams to be taken.
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Assessment content support

  • Guidance from subject matter experts in the preparation of final and test terms
    Targeted support on content issues.
  • Assessment of final and test terms
    An additional professional look at test construction.
  • Design/design of item bank
    Translation of test vision into a concrete and practically usable question bank.
  • Guidance on test development and setting
    Practical support in developing and setting test questions.
  • Training of professionals involved
    Each has its own expertise: test constructors, determiners, exam committee members and correctors/assessors.
  • Analyze test technical (quality) data
    The strength lies in continuous quality improvement and optimization of tests and items.
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  • Secretarial support exam board
    Practical support in implementation.
  • Design and implementation of exam maintenance and management
    What aligns with your organization, your clients and vision regarding testing.

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Optimum Assessment is your partner in digital assessment. We offer various services to support and optimise your entire assessment process. We support you through the entire assessment process, whether it’s implementing the software, optimizing your assessment process or developing an item bank.

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