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Fixed locations

Optimum Assessment has a nationwide network of testing locations, so candidates can always take an exam within an hour’s travel time. All locations are easily accessible by public transportation and equipped with fast and reliable internet. The security and safety of controlled taking are crucial for your exam. This is why there are trained supervisors permanently walking around. In addition, we are ISO 27001 certified and actively monitor all test sites.

ISO 27001

Notice. As of January 2023, changes have taken place in our range of testing locations. You can visit all COEL and Eureka exam locations.

Flexible test locations

We can also facilitate you to take an exam at other places. There are several options.


On your own location

If your organization has sufficient space available, then the administration of exams can be done at your location. If necessary, we provide computers, a network and all other hardware.



Thanks to online proctoring, remote surveillance is possible. Candidates can thus safely take a test at home, using their own computer, phone or tablet.

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Optimum Assessment is your partner in digital assessment. We offer various services to support and optimise your entire assessment process. We support you through the entire assessment process, whether it’s implementing the software, optimizing your assessment process or developing an item bank.

Your partner in digital assessment

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