Loyalty program

Appreciation for close cooperation

At Optimum Assessment, partnership is key. We develop our products and services in close cooperation with customers. To show our appreciation for their loyalty and commitment, we have designed a unique loyalty program.

Encouraging interaction

Our loyalty program is designed to reward and encourage cooperation and partnership. We believe that feedback and interaction from and with our customers is invaluable in developing and improving our digital testing software. We appreciate the continuous support of our customers and would like to thank them for their contribution to our joint success.


Compensation with a mutually beneficial purpose.

As part of our loyalty program, we organize an annual socially responsible (CSR) activity for the winner. The CSR activity takes place in the city or region. The content of the activity ranges from environmental projects, family for a day, to caring for the elderly or people with disabilities. By undertaking this activity together with the winner, we want to strengthen our partnership and commitment to society.

Winners and scoring

Optimum Assessment scores its clients throughout the year on a variety of criteria, including exam numbers, use of the Self-Service Portal and participation in user group meetings. In 2022, eX:plain was named most loyal partner; in 2023, it was DUO.


Focus on ESG values

Optimum Assessment strives to make a positive impact by promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values within our business and services. Our commitment to ESG contributes to a more sustainable, fair and responsible future. The loyalty program reflects our commitment to creating value for both our customers and society as a whole.


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