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Single hotspot question in digital review – what exactly is it?

It is not always easy to choose the right question type in (digital) testing. For example, when do you choose a single hotspot question? When do you choose this question type and what are its special features?

What is a single hotspot question?

A single hotspot question is a closed-ended question type that requires the candidate to select one specific area on an image. The graphic element within this question type is of great importance. As a test constructor, you can use certain images, such as a map or a diagram. This allows you to test more precise knowledge, for example in the area of geography or when it comes to understanding visuals and illustrations.

The difference with a multiple hotspot query?

The difference between a single and multiple hotspot request is simple. The multiple hotspot question allows the candidate to click on multiple answers (hotspots) within the given image, where in the single variant there is only one answer option.

Tip: Not all digital testing software supports this question type. Decide in advance which question types best suit your tests. Also read: How to choose the right testing software?


A single hotspot query has several advantages.

  • Measure specific knowledge: Using this question type, you can very accurately measure specific knowledge in the candidate that other question types cannot easily ascertain.
  • Fun for the candidate: The exam moment is perceived as very exciting by some candidates, this is especially true for summative testing. By varying different question types, test-taking becomes fun and interactive! Tip: Also read more about using multimedia in tests!
  • No confusion with answer options: When using a question type with multiple answer options, the answer options may be confusing. This affects the validity of your test. In the single hot spot question, this is not the case, since the candidate is not distracted when answering.


  • Question construction takes time and knowledge: For the test constructor, creating this question takes some time and knowledge of a testing system. This is because it is important that the correct location is marked on the map and stored correctly in the key system. By the way, did you know that Optimum Assessment Platform is very user-friendly?
  • Chance of cheating: The single hotspot question is an in-the-eye question type. Are candidates in the same room and are you using version exams that are not administered “at random“? Then this question type may provide temptation to cheat. Of course, this does not apply if you use online proctoring.
  • Good visual content is a must: a single hotspot query falls with good and clear images. If this is not in order, it can negatively affect candidates’ test performance.


  • Clarity: Make sure the assignment is clear to the candidate. Use clear and understandable language.
  • Specific objective: Consider in advance what specific topic you want to test with the question. It is not an end in itself to use this test question. It has to add value.
  • Hot spot placement: carefully determine where the hot spot should be placed within the image.

Conclusion – Single hotspot question in (digital) review

In some cases of (digital) testing, the use of a single hotspot question offers absolute added value. Candidates have only one answer option within this question type. This allows you to find out certain knowledge in a very targeted way. However, it is important to be critical about which question types you apply. Want to know more about this? Optimum Assessment is your partner in digital assessment.

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