What are the benefits of digital testing?

What are advantages of digital assessment?

Digital testing involves different user groups. On the one hand, there are the candidates; on the other, there are the testing organization. Consider training institutes, examination bodies or industry.

Benefits for candidates

  • Flexible exam taking in terms of time and location;
  • Exam results are known more quickly. Especially with closed questions, the results can be shown right away;
  • Remote supervision allows you to take an exam from home;
  • Poorly readable handwriting? No problem!

Benefits for reviewing organizations

  • Clear storage of exam questions, in one place in a database structure;
  • Exam questions can be reused;
  • Statistics provides insight into the quality of questions;
  • Question forms vary (both closed questions and open-ended questions);
  • Correcting becomes easy;
  • Developing exam questions costs less money;
  • Question quality increases because quality can be continuously improved;
  • Exam questions become more equivalent when the test matrix is leading;
  • Better picture and overview of results;
  • Content of review is better secured;
  • Views on quality of training;
  • Views on quality of professionals, teachers, proofreaders and test constructors;
  • An exam can be set for each individual;
  • Remote supervision via online proctoring also allows the taking of an exam elsewhere;
  • Giving feedback during the learning process becomes easy.
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