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What is test centers?

Testing Centers.com meets the desire of exam candidates to be able to take exams independent of time and place.

Test sites

To accomplish this, Optimum Assessment has established a partnership between a number of exam organizations and several testing sites. Currently, exam candidates from participating exam organizations can take various exams via the Internet at various locations throughout the Netherlands. The exam will be administered under supervision at one of the test sites. Testing sites have testing stations with computers where the exam is administered via the Internet, under supervision.

House and conduct rules test sites

For the exam candidate, it is a requirement that:

  • One is familiar with the use of and computer;
  • One must be able to identify oneself with a valid ID;
  • One is present 15 minutes before start time.

Benefits for an exam candidate include:

  • The result of the exam is known immediately;
  • Flexible exam times;
  • Short enrollment period and no waiting periods;
  • Exam candidate can choose a test location close to home which significantly reduces travel time.

If the candidate passes, he/she will receive the certificate/diploma from the examination organization in a short time.

Exam organizations

You can register for an exam by contacting the appropriate exam organization.

Tax Office
Dutch Bar Association
NEVI Exams 088 – 330 07 00
NIPEX 085 – 020 11 55
SVH 088 – 050 1500


Are you an exam organization interested in this initiative? Or if you are interested as a test site, please contact Optimum Assessment’s Service Desk at 013 – 52 99 166 or email servicedesk@optimumassessment.com.