Professional technical and functional guidance

Designing a (digital) assessment process is no easy task. At Optimum Assessment, you can count on professional technical and functional guidance. Our consultants are ideal discussion partners! Together with you, we will do our utmost to achieve the ultimate assessment experience.

Wide range of specialists

Optimum Assessment has a wide range of in-house specialists, both in the field of software development and assessment expertise. Our consultants also supervise the implementation of new software. Besides consultancy in technical areas and with regard to process optimisation, Optimum Assessment has extensive assessment expertise  in-house.

Partner in digital assessment

Nobody knows your assessment process and all the additional do’s and don’ts better than you. Our consultants are therefore guided by your wishes and provide support and/or advice where applicable. We combine the knowledge and years of experience of our consultants with the vision and wishes of your organisation to arrive at the optimal assessment solution.


Consultancy at Optimum Assessment


Specialists in the field of assessment

No challenge in the field of (digital) assessment is unknown to us.


Software implementation

Including possible migration from an old platform.


Optimisation of assessment processes

Efficiency without compromising on quality.


Client support in the broadest sense of the word

Together, we realise the ultimate assessment experience.

Want to know more?

Optimum Assessment is your partner in digital assessment. We help you get started with a complete package of services. We support you through the entire testing process, whether it is the implementation of the software, the optimization of your testing process or the development of an item bank.

Your partner in digital assessment

Our other services


If you would like to spar with one of our consultants about optimising your assessment process or would like to know more about the possibilities on support by Optimum Assessment, contact us directly!