Optimum Assessment and eX:plain working together for charity

Amersfoort (The Netherlands), Nov. 8, 2022 – Employees of Optimum Assessment and eX:plain have teamed up to contribute to a more beautiful world. At two different care institutions in Amersfoort, home of eX:plain, five colleagues provided several residents with a nice day.

Sustainability & social entrepreneurship

Optimum Assessment is increasingly committed to sustainability and social entrepreneurship. The goal is to eventually make this an integral part of everything we do. However, this will not happen overnight. But we do like to put our money where our mouth is. That is why we have taken the first steps in designing a loyalty program. A program that we explicitly link to concrete activities with a social character.

Customer Loyalty

Optimum Assessment scores its customers throughout the year on a variety of criteria, including exam numbers, use of the Self-Service Portal, participation in user group meetings, etc.

For the customer with the highest score, we organize a social activity during the year in question in the city or region where the customer is located. The customer decides if and in what way she wants to contribute.

This year we kicked off and eX:plain was named Optimum Assessment’s most loyal customer. As a thank you, Optimum Assessment organized a social project in cooperation with the Present Foundation in Amersfoort.

Assisted living

Last Tuesday, November 8, five employees of eX:plain and Optimum Assessment baked pancakes at Humanitas, assisted living for people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, and ate them together. To ensure the quality of the pancakes, resident Christian kept a sharp eye on them.

After this tasty and very enjoyable lunch activity, the afternoon at the Hoenderberg, assisted living for the elderly, was then spent energetically tinkering and playing games with the residents there. Afterwards, resident Franklin made several speeches to close the day with a personal thank you.

Annual event

‘It was fantastic to give these lovely people a beautiful day,’ said Martin van de Berge, general manager of Optimum Assessment. ‘This definitely tastes like more. An annual event at the very least.’ He also expresses his thanks to Riny van Nuland and Fred Diepeveen of eX:plain and colleagues Marilyn Ceelen and Rob Bergevoet for their enthusiastic contribution to this special day and to Laura Griffioen of the Present Foundation, who helped make this event possible.