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Keys facilities taken care of to perfection

For test-taking in any form, good and reliable facilities are very important. That is why Optimum Assessment has a nationwide network of certified testing sites. But sometimes the preference is for examination at a private location, at a company or simply at home. No problem, Optimum Assessment takes care of it!

Within an hour at a test location nationwide

Together with our partners, we have a network of easily accessible and reliable test sites, where trained supervisors are permanently present.

These sites are under periodic monitoring and are all ISO 27001 certified.

Flexibility is paramount

If there are existing facilities, we are of course happy to make use of them. But when these are not available, Optimum Assessment can provide this depending on the client’s requirements or we can set up one or more complete sites in no time.

On your own location

If your organization has sufficient space available, then the administration of exams can be done at your own location. If necessary, we provide computers, a network and all other hardware.


Thanks to online proctoring, remote surveillance is possible. Candidates can thus take a test safely at home or at the workplace, using their own computer, phone or tablet.


Keys facilities taken care of to perfection

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