Online surveying with online proctoring

Online surveying with online proctoring

Global digitization is developing at breakneck speed. Certainly also in the area of testing and examination. For example, online proctoring enables online surveying. You can read more about this technique in this article.

Traditional surveillance

Everyone is familiar with taking paper exams. In this process, the teacher or invigilator keeps a close eye on everything to see that things are proceeding in an orderly fashion. In addition to this traditional physical form of surveillance, online surveillance is now also a possibility thanks to online proctoring.

Online surveillance

Good testing software makes it possible to administer a test digitally. You can then choose to take this test at a central exam location with physical supervision. There is also the option to take the exam from home, office or another obvious location under online supervision. Through this online proctoring, not only is the exam made available digitally, but several measures are taken to prevent fraud. Roughly speaking, there are three forms of online surveillance.

1. Live

A first form of monitoring is “live proctoring. Here, a remote supervisor (the proctor) can directly intervene or correct if appropriate. This form of surveillance most closely resembles the physical form of surveillance. The candidate is continuously monitored by means of an audio recording, view of the screen, a webcam and/or a cell phone with a camera.

2. Recording and checking

A second option you can employ is “storage and control. As a supervisor, you can review a candidate’s complete test taking (including screen recording and audio). Thus, monitoring here does not take place “live,” but after the fact.

3. Automated

A third possibility is “automated proctoring. In the process, the online surveillance software performs several checks to identify irregularities. You can think of abnormal behavior or environmental sounds. This allows a supervisor (proctor) to retrospectively identify possible fraud and take action if desired.

Conclusion – online surveillance in exams

The potential for digital monitoring of exams has been greatly evaluated over the years. Depending on the (social) importance of an exam, as an organization you will choose the type of supervision that best fits. Of course, a combination of both physical and online surveillance is also possible. Want to learn more about online proctoring and how you can deploy it? If so, please contact us at 013 – 528 63 63.

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