Supervisors: the guardians of a (digital) test

A soccer game without a referee? A concert without a conductor? This is almost as unthinkable as a (digital) exam without a supervisor. In the complex orchestra that is an examination process, where knowledge, technology and testing come together, the supervisor is the one who guards the harmony. Let’s take a closer look.

The role of a supervisor

A supervisor, also called an invigilator, is the silent observer during an exam. But, make no mistake, this role is essential to ensure honesty and integrity during the exam. The supervisor ensures that the rules and procedures of an examination protocol are strictly adhered to. This gives every candidate an equal opportunity and prevents unfair practices.

Digital monitoring

In the increasingly digital world of education, the role of the supervisor takes on an added dimension. Within a digital testing platform, such as the Optimum Assessment Platform, online proctoring allows the supervisor to monitor exam administration online. This is done from one central location, coordinated from a clear dashboard. This allows you to easily and conveniently sign in or out exam candidates, start, pause or stop the exam and add time. In addition, Optimum Supervisor allows the supervisor to communicate with candidates through a built-in notification system.

Exam Preparation

Behind the scenes, supervisors are also responsible for exam preparation. They check that all systems are working properly, that exam materials are ready and that the digital environment is secure. They also ensure that any problems are resolved quickly so that the exam goes as smoothly as possible.

More than just enforcing rules

The role of a regulator is much more than simply enforcing the rules. They are the guardians of the integrity of the testing process. They ensure that each candidate’s performance is measured fairly and that the results of testing and examination are reliable.

The importance of supervisor

Supervisors are the guardians of a (digital) test. Their efforts make it possible for each candidate to demonstrate their knowledge and skills fairly. Want to learn more about how to get a handle on (digital) tests as a supervisor? If so, contact Optimum Assessment!

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