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Optimum Sprint


Transport Offshore Services (TOS)

“Optimum Sprint enables TOS Academy to assess employees’ ready knowledge of instructions, regulations, and national and international legislation before or after taking training courses.” Marlena Holdermans (Compliance Director, TOS)

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“Optimum Sprint enables me to assess our employees’ ready knowledge. The fact that we can control and steer the process is a huge advantage.” Tom van Geemen (Wolkyshop)

Optimum Assessment Platform



“In the market for assessment tools, Optimum Assessment always comes up with innovative ideas. Optimum is a great example of this. Close cooperation with customers has resulted in a software solution that perfectly matches their wishes.”Anouk Mulder (eX:plain)



“Taking part in interactive meetings gives you as a customer a personal stake in product development. You talk about everything that can and cannot be done. In this way, Optimum Assessment can ideally match its new Optimum Assessment Platform to what customers really need. I’m looking forward to the next meeting!” Riny van Nuland (Associatie voor Examinering)