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Optimum Assessment joins with 1EdTech

At Optimum Assessment, we place great importance on quality. We therefore maintain high quality standards for our (internal) organization, our services and our product development. For this reason, we have joined 1EdTech (formerly: IMS Global Learning Consortium) as an affiliate partner. 1EdTech is an international consortium focused on developing and promoting open standards in learning technologies.

Information exchange in software architecture

The international 1EdTech is a non-profit organization focused on standardizing information exchange within the (software) architecture of Learning & Development. Because of the standards, data – such as test templates or test questions – can be exported and imported unambiguously. This allows software programs, for example, to exchange data which continues to improve usability, security, efficiency and working with multiple solutions.

Quality standard and efficiency

With global quality standards and efficiency in mind, Optimum Assessment shares 1EdTech’s vision. We are therefore proud to join this consortium, which is supported by more than 500 organizations in over 20 countries worldwide.

Partly by being part of the 1EdTech community, we continue to continually anticipate the future and continued development of digital testing.

Do you have questions about this development? If so, please contact us at 013 – 528 63 63.