What is digital assessment?

What is digital assessment?

In digital testing, a candidate takes a test or exam digitally via a computer, cell phone or tablet. In administering the test, you will use testing software. In this process, exam questions are stored in a secure and protected database. Digital testing is a slightly broader term than online testing. This is because you can also examine digitally without an Internet connection.

Why test digitally?

There are several reasons why you would test digitally over paper. Below is a brief summary:

  • Be able to revamp the (content) of the exam;
  • Change the method of collection (less physical collection, more digital collection);
  • Being more flexible in terms of taking (time and place);
  • Automatically correct questions;
  • Apply different question types;
  • Be able to integrate E-learning applications.

From paper to digital assessment

In recent years, digitization has gained momentum. Many innovations are also underway in the area of testing. Is your organization planning to move from paper to digital review? Good news, we wrote a white paper about that!

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