Stimulate growth with digital testing

We embrace lifetime learning. In order to recognise and appreciate what we learn, testing is a good instrument. So let us do this as efficiently and flexibly as possible. We are Optimum Assessment. We believe that (digital) testing is essential for personal growth and professional development.

Optimum Assessment is one of the largest Dutch players in digital testing. Although being the largest is not a goal in itself, the sum of various specialisations offers many advantages. Especially for our clients. By combining knowledge and years of experience in testing, software and facilities, Optimum Assessment can solve any testing problem.


In their drive to (further) digitise testing processes, many organisations face the same challenges. We have standardised solutions for this. Our own assessment system, Optimum Assessment Platform, offers a solution for safe, stable and reliable testing. Optimum Assessment speaks both the languages of education and programming, while supporting clients in the design and implementation of the appropriate solution.

From software development to test-taking facilities

Optimum Assessment’s portfolio includes projects for the government, education and the business community. Every testing logistics project is different. Whatever you are looking for, these principles are always central to us:

Ease of use

Digital testing is designed to serve its users. Customers, candidates and correctors must all benefit from our products.

Flexibility and scalability

You decide how, where and when tests are taken. Would you like to leave the choice to the candidate? That is possible. Regardless of the number of exams, we are able to offer the right solution.


Our software meets all your requirements and wishes for secure and reliable testing. Moreover, we are ISO 27001 certified and work in accordance with the GDPR.

Continuous improvement

Whether you are switching from paper to digital or want to further improve your digital testing, Optimum Assessment is your ideal partner. Insights and technology surrounding testing are constantly evolving. That is why we assume that there is always room for improvement. What could be improved in your organisation?

Want to know more about partnering with Optimum Assessment? Then us for a consultation, free of obligation, of course. Leave your details in the contact form below or contact us without any obligation on 013 – 528 63 63. You can also follow Optimum Assessment on LinkedIn:

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