Customer visit to Expertise Centre for Testing and Examinations (ETE) in Curaçao

Since 2020 Optimum Assessment cooperates with ‘Expertisecentrum voor Toetsen en Examens’ (ETE) on Curaçao which stands for the Expertise Centre for Tests and Examinations. This partner was already satisfied with our test software during the first digital cooperation and experienced the digitalisation as very valuable. As an ambitious and progressive organisation, ETE therefore also wanted to further digitalise other exam lines. As a partner in digital testing, we are happy to support ETE in this process and so a number of our colleagues flew overseas from The Netherlands to Curaçao.

From digital partnership to a personal meeting

Because of the distance and the pandemic, the cooperation between Optimum Assessment and ETE was only digital upto now. When organising the trainingprogramme, both organisations decided to meet in person. Given the time difference and the personal approach, this was preferred by both parties and therefore both partners invested in it.

Optimum Assessment employees Marilyn Ceelen, Martijn van Herk (both Application Consultant) and Ralf Spiering (senior Business Consultant) travelled to Curaçao. A week of hard work under the tropical sun. In addition to the trainingprogramme explaining how to work with the software, we helped ETE to fully digitise a new exam line.


After the final test on the last training day, the entire process – from registration to testing and correction – proved to be successfully digitised. A great result, which would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our partner. Thank you, Esther Bomberg, Emy Coelho, Dendrick Martijn, Janine Dambruck and Thea van Dalen for a fantastic experience! An additional thanks to Jakeema Hernandez and Fharagny Alves – Gosilio for all their good care and facilities.