Optimum Assessment: the future of testing

Is digital testing slowly already the new norm? In any case, global digitisation has received an enormous boost. This also applies to (summative) testing. With a view to the future, the importance of good and reliable software is therefore greater than ever. Read more about sustainable and futureproof testing with Optimum Assessment Platform.


Many assessment systems have a fairly dated and in many cases monolithic architecture. Moreover, the majority of these systems are based on outdated techniques and user concepts. The maintenance and realisation of new modern features within these systems is therefore quite complex, time-consuming and very expensive. After all, a change, however small, has consequences for and influence on the performance of the entire system. Driven by the conviction that a testing system must facilitate the convenience of taking a test in every respect, Citrus Andriessen is developing a completely new and innovative testing system, Optimum Assessment Platform.


A cloud-based architecture (Microsoft Azure) was chosen as the basis for the Optimum Assessment Platform. In addition, the testing system has a completely modular structure. The use of these microservices increases the speed at which the system can respond to changing market demands and/or needs. This ensures flexibility when it comes to maintenance, possible modular adjustments or scaling up. The use of these latest development techniques in combination with the support of various industry standards makes the Optimum Assessment Platform a futureproof choice.

Modular structure

The strength of the modular structure lies first and foremost in the fact that the user can choose which modules to use. For instance, one can use only the test player (Optimum Player) or the content management module (Optimum Editor). But combinations of different modules are also possible. In addition, the modular structure helps with faster software modifications and/or maintenance of different modules. Because software modifications can be limited to one specific module, the test development process is considerably shortened. Another advantage is that when updating a single module, downtime is also limited to this module. The rest of the platform is not affected by the updates and continues to run undisturbed. Both the client and the end users benefit from this.

The different modules of Optimum Assessment Platform represent the future of testing

The different modules of Optimum Assessment Platform

Appropriate pricing

A futureproof system goes hand-in-hand with futureproof pricing. Users choose the pricing model that matches their size and needs. For larger clients, or clients who use multi-tenancy (with several sub-users), an Enterprise model can be interesting. The client can choose which modules to use for a fixed annual price, regardless of the number of tests purchased. This offers certainty. A price per test or per user with a (lower) fixed fee for the software is also still possible. This may be interesting for clients with a smaller numbers of tests.

The future of testing

With the Optimum Assessment Platform, you are fully equipped for the future of testing. This innovative system is not only based on the most modern techniques, it is also fully modular. Moreover, it offers you the freedom to choose a pricing model that suits the user. Want to know more about the future of testing? Please contact us, book a demo, or follow Optimum Assessment on LinkedIn:

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