Optimum Assessment again supplier of examination software for Financial Supervision Act exams

Citrus Andriessen, under which brand Optimum Assessment operates in the Netherlands has once again been awarded the European tender for examination software for the Financial Supervision Act exams. A challenging process led by the DUO (Education Executive Agency) and supervised by the CDFD (Board for Expertise in Financial Services).

Collaberation between CDFD, DUO and Optimum Assessment

From left to right: Angel Kosters, Rob Bergevoet, Johan Ploeger, Rob Smeding, Frederik Bos, Marian Meijer, Erik Mulder, Fazilet Beekveldt, Ralf Spiering, Sanne Velthuis, Henk Scholten, Bob de Graaf and Meint de Vries.

Financial Supervision Act

The Financial Supervision Act regulates the supervision of almost the entire financial sector in the Netherlands. This Act brings together a large number of rules and regulations for the financial markets and their supervision. Anyone who provides financial advice to clients is required to obtain a diploma and take a continuing education exam once every three years.

Professionalisation examination system

Citrus Andriessen has already supplied the exam software for the Financial Supervision Act examination system in recent years. During this period many (procedural) improvements have been implemented in close cooperation within the system, including in the field of fraud prevention. Based on its years of experience and expertise in the field of digital testing, Citrus Andriessen has not only developed the software, but has also played a supporting and advisory role. All this, of course, in close and very pleasant cooperation with the DUO and the CDFD.

Solid preparation

A new tender always involves uncertainty and risk. After all, every tenderer is equal. In preparation for this tender, Citrus Andriessen therefore pulled out all the stops to ensure the best possible bid. We also chose to include various modules from the completely new and innovative testing software, Optimum Assessment Platform, in the tender bid. This made the practical test with all the chain partners, which was part of the tendering process, even more exciting.

Going live

After a demanding migration process, we finally went live with the new testing software at the beginning of October! Going live brought several challenges with it. Thanks to the very constructive cooperation with the DUO and the various examination institutes, we were able to identify the issues quickly. Candidates have therefore hardly experienced any inconvenience.

For us, a great result after months of hard work. “We are proud that we can once again use our expertise for the examinations in the Financial Supervision Act system. That we can do this with our new exam software Optimum Assessment Platform makes it all the more special for us”, says Martin van den Berge, Managing Director of Citrus Andriessen.


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