Quick and effective testing with Optimum Sprint

Both employees and employers are increasingly aware of the added value of (knowledge) testing within organisations. But how do you periodically measure your employees’ ready knowledge? Preferably in an appealing and accessible way? Optimum Assessment has the solution: Optimum Sprint. “It is a very user-friendly, fast solution that fills a gap in the business market,” says Martin van den Berge, Managing Director at Optimum Assessment. 

What is Optimum Sprint?

The business community is looking for a software solution that enables testing in a targeted and flexible manner. Optimum Assessment developed Optimum Sprint with this in mind. “With this new software tool you can easily test ready knowledge and insight. You get a grip on the current knowledge level and the progress of your employees in development projects. What’s more, you can also give easy, quick and targeted feedback. The tool is easy to implement and tailor to your needs with directly available predefined content or with your own content related to the company or the industry,” explains Martin.

Why Optimum Sprint?

  • Easy to use and quick to implement.
  • Measures ready generic or specialist knowledge.
  • The tool is not industry-dependent, but can be used flexibly in any organisation.
  • You can design the test in your own house style.
  • After taking the test, the result obtained is immediately clear. You can therefore provide targeted feedback.
  • ‘On the job’ testing at a fixed moment or spontaneously.
  • Optimum Sprint is a SaaS solution. No software installation is required.
  • You can easily take the tests via tablet, smartphone or stand-alone PC.
  • It is an affordable software tool with expansion options.
  • Completely GDPR proof.
  • With 30 years of experience and various experts, we offer excellent support.

What is the result?

Optimum Sprint provides insight into the knowledge level of employees. You can use the software tool for various purposes. Whether it’s to refresh knowledge or to check whether further training is needed. You decide!

“Suppose you take a baseline measurement among your employees,” says Martin. “You test everyone’s knowledge of the GDPR legislation at that moment. This is followed by a specific training course and a new testing moment. The baseline measurement. This allows you to clearly chart progress.”

Martin gives another example. “For instance, for organisations it can be difficult to map out what a training or education yields, but with Optimum Sprint you have direct insight into this. With the result of the test you know where your employee stands and what the further development needs are.”

Can it also be used within my organisation?

Optimum Sprint can be used in any sector for various purposes. Some concrete examples for the deployment of Optimum Sprint within your organisation are:

 Human Resources  Operations
 Onboarding  Instructions
 Recruitment  Safety rules/regulations
 Company rules and agreements  Quality agreements
 General legislation
(GDPR, Health & Safety Act)
 Health regulations
  ROI measurement of training/course  Calamity scenario


Employment agency

Suppose you run an employment agency. People come by every day to register as temporary workers. It is a must that your employees are aware of the GDPR requirements. After all, you want to conform to the EU privacy guidelines.

With Optimum Sprint you are able to test this ready knowledge. This testing is done ‘on the job’ so it should be practical and fun to use. Various standard content components can be used for this, such as the GDPR. This gives you insight into the state of affairs in no time.


Suppose you are a retailer. You want your workfloor employees to have up-to-date knowledge of stock, product codes and dealing with procedures such as complaints and guarantees. With Optimum Sprint you can test this ready knowledge weekly in a practical and fun manner. Of course, everyone wants to score well. So lack of motivation will not be an issue!

How do I create a good quality test?

Earlier we wrote about how to develop a good quality exam in education. But how do you do that within a business environment? “We offer support from our expertise to ensure a smooth implementation of the software tool. Questions such as ‘What is the best way to implement Optimum Sprint in my organisation?’, ‘How do I compose a good question?’ or ‘Which question types apply to me?’ are answered by experts,” Martin explains.


Do you also see opportunities for periodically testing the knowledge within your organisation? Or are you curious about ways of motivating your employees with, for example, gamification applications? We would be happy to help you with this.

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