Optimum Assessment Platform in top 10 assessment solutions in Europe

Optimum Assessment Platform has once again been acknowledged by HR Tech Outlook as one of the top 10 assessment solutions in Europe. This prestigious trade magazine awarded us the title ‘Top 10 HR Assessment Solutions Provider in Europe 2023’, based on our vision, strategy and product portfolio.

Encouraging personal growth and development

This award is nothing new for us; we also won this prestigious award in 2020. At the time, our CEO, Martin van den Berge, gave an in-depth interview in which he highlighted the importance of personal growth and development and the role of digital assessment in this process.

Innovation in digital assessment

However, the world of digital assessment never stands still. In particular, technological developments and integration of artificial intelligence (AI), for example, keep us focused. AI is transforming the way the entire testing process is designed. We follow these and other developments closely, especially since innovation is in Optimum Assessment’s DNA.

A future with AI

Martin van den Berge, together with our Product Manager Adnan Maakoul, provides insight into the role of AI in the evolution of digital assessment software. Interested? Read our approach and future plans in the recent interview in HR Tech Outlook.

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