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Martijn van Herk

Experts in the assessment domain: Martijn van Herk

My name is Martijn van Herk and since March 2016 I have been working in the world of digital assessments. I started as a Functional Administrator, but over the years I got more and more actively involved with customers. Meanwhile I have been active as an Application Consultant for some time. In this role, in close consultation with the customer, I ensure the optimal digital assessment experience, anytime and anywhere.

From challenge to opportunity

Converting an assessment process (from paper) to digital is a challenge. It irrevocably causes changes in the testing process while you may not want that at all. After all, why change something that is going well?

The fear of change can be a reason to hold on to old work processes and systems. But it is precisely these changes that can work to your advantage and greatly improve your assessment process. Think of a better data security for your candidates, a more efficient work process and a higher quality of your test.

Case study: item construction in a word processor

An example that I often come across in practice relates to the item construction of a test. Questions are often developed in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. The document is emailed back and forth, including numerous comments and modifications.  It’s a step in the right direction, but did you know that you can improve this process even further?

Solution: process optimization

By choosing one assessment platform, you can automate a number of “manual” steps. The result? Your test and item development process becomes even more efficient! You will save a lot of time and reduce the risk of errors. An automatic workflow within one testing platform means that you no longer have to send mail back and forth. In addition you can always look back in the item history thanks to automatic version management of questions and tests. Content is also automatically and securely stored in a central location so you no longer have to search for the right document.

Maintain and optimize existing processes

There are numerous improvements you can implement to optimize your testing. Even while maintaining existing processes. As an application consultant I like to think along with the customer, to preserve the existing process as much as possible, but also to optimize it with the help of the testing platform!

You can also optimize assessment by maintaining existing work processes!

Martijn van Herk


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