How seriously do you take your digital assessment?


Experts in the assessment domain: Ralf Spiering

For almost five years I, Ralf Spiering, have been working in the world of digital testing. As Senior Business Consultant at Optimum Assessment, I help customers purchase our software and thereby improve digital testing. In this role, I find myself on the dividing line between our product and service offerings on the one hand and the wishes of the customer on the other. I always look for the optimal solution for all parties in this force field.

New possibilities in the world of testing and examining

In the world of testing, terms such as ‘reliability’ and ‘quality’ are essential concepts. This world has a somewhat old-fashioned and dusty image. However, this is not consistent with the available digital opportunities. After an initial phase in which the vast majority of tests were switched from paper to digital, we are now in a stage in which the various possibilities and functionalities of testing software play a greater role. An innovative software environment that can only enhance the desired reliability and quality of the tests. Consider content, for example. Do you use (the 18) different question types to set up your exam? Or to the proctoring options such as taking a test completely at home, so-called online proctoring. Moreover, there are numerous possibilities to further improve your digital testing process.

Testing for certification

In my experience, one of the most important factors in digital assessment is final certification. What is the actual value of a passed exam? For example, some tests are regulated by law. Think of certificates that must be obtained in order to do your job correctly or be allowed to perform at all. Serious matters where the testing software must entirely and above all securely facilitate the high-stakes exams in question. Then utilizing all available features of that testing software to arrive at the ultimate testing experience is step 2.

Testing from the core

In addition to guaranteeing the quality of the test, I think it is crucial that the software offers various options and can therefore be flexibly designed by the user. At Optimum Assessment we are currently focusing, among other things, on the further development of Optimum Editor. This module develops the core of the test. An integrated workflow ensures optimal efficiency. All information is secure, the interaction between different user roles is facilitated and ultimately a complete test can be composed. Convenience without sacrificing quality and security.

For your assessments, choose convenience without sacrificing quality and security.

Ralf Spiering


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