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Experts in the assessment domain: Jan van Roessel

My name is Jan van Roessel and I have been active in the world of digital assessment for over 2.5 years. Before that, I worked for about 25 years in Information and Communication Technology in various roles, from service desk employee to system administrator and interim manager. Currently, I am an application consultant at Optimum Assessment and I try to bridge the gap between the (test) questions of the customer and the world of software development. I also act as project leader of the various migration projects to the new Optimum Assessment Platform.

Software migration

During migration projects, existing processes often prove challenging to change. Clients have often been working with their own procedures for years and are attached to them. If you make changes to these processes, they usually no longer fit in with other work processes within the organization. This is difficult, but certainly not impossible!

Efficient and safe assessments

In such a case, I work with the client to find insights and possibilities in Optimum Assessment Platform that will allow us to connect. This way, the benefits of migrating to the new platform are immediately apparent. Like, for example, being able to work more efficiently and securely. The interface is also more intuitive, which makes working within the platform more pleasant.

As a customer you are not alone. On the contrary!

Of course, a customer runs into different dilemmas in a process like this. The average customer has developed and collected an enormous amount of content over the years. With a migration imminent, the question arises: What do you take with you, and what not? That too is and remains tricky; after all, it is “value” you are throwing away.

Of course, a customer is not alone. Quite the contrary. As an application consultant, I help to make the right trade-offs to make the best decisions. Of course, it varies from client to client, but in the end, there will be a better understanding of the available content.

Together towards better testing

The ultimate goal is to take testing to the next level together. To reach that dot on the horizon together and overcome any issues we may encounter along the way.

If a person moves confidently in the direction of his dreams and dares to live the life he imagines, he will have a success he never expected.

Henry David Thoreau


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