Fraunhofer-Personnel Certification Authority certifies with Optimum Assessment

Munich, 07.07.2023 – Optimum Assessment, the expert in digital exams and certifications, may count the Fraunhofer-Personnel Certification Authority (from now on referred to as Fraunhofer) among its partners since June 2023. Fraunhofer certifies in various fields, both for career entry and professional growth.

Fraunhofer has opted for the Optimum Assessment Platform and thus for further digitalisation of its exams. Using state-of-the-art technology for the Optimum Assessment Platform, digital exams are safe, reliable, and intuitive for examiners and participants and AVG-compliant and fully interactive. Nine powerful modules make designing, hosting, monitoring, assessing, and analyzing exams easy.

About Fraunhofer

Promoting technical and business education and training, alongside applied research, is a central task of the Fraunhofer Society. Fraunhofer supports the Society’s various institutes with organisational and personnel tools to ensure high-quality exams and participant certifications. Fraunhofer certifies qualifications according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 17024. The certificates confirm demonstrated competencies, relevant and innovative practical knowledge, and practical experience in the respective training areas.

Necessary quality standards for a certification body in examinations and certifications, according to ISO 17024, are “objectivity,” “impartiality,” and “non-discrimination.” Fraunhofer guarantees this through a strict organisational and personnel separation between training, examination, and certification. This enables the award of Fraunhofer certificates for participants in Fraunhofer training courses.

Compliance with standards is guaranteed by the German National Accreditation Authority (DAkkS). DAkks annually checks Fraunhofer’s work processes against the requirements of ISO 17024 and the quality of examinations and certification services.

About Optimum Assessment

Since 1990, Optimum Assessment (until recently Citrus Andriessen) has distinguished itself with the excellent technology and high-quality knowledge in digital testing, examining, and certification. As a pioneer in digital testing, we launched the first SaaS solution on the Dutch testing market 30 years ago—a robust, secure, and user-friendly testing environment with more than a million users per year. We now support the testing domain with the modular and highly innovative Optimum Assessment Platform.

Partner in digital testing

Our assessment system supports formative, summative, and practice-based assessments. This makes Optimum Assessment Platform broadly applicable. For many years, our assessment software has therefore supported large (national) examination systems on the one hand and more minor professional certifications on the other. Optimum Assessment also serves clients in diverse domains such as government, examination institutes, sectors & professional associations, and private and funded education. We are proud of our partners and actively invest in the relationship.


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