Data as a success factor of your digital assessment

Rob Bergevoet

Experts in the assessment domain: Rob Bergevoet

My name is Rob Bergevoet and I have been active in the field of digital assessments for 10 years. I started in a supporting role for internal training programs. For the past few years, I have been the Customer Success Manager at Optimum Assessment. In this position, I ensure that the testing products and – in particular – the services provided connect seamlessly with the customer. The goal: to strengthen the customer’s digital assessment process where possible.


Testing is a chain process

Personally I see the testing process as a chain of cooperating parts. Often when you think of a test you only think of what the candidate experiences during his or her exam. But the process that precedes it can be very extensive. A good tool supports the entire test logistics and all the administrative work involved, such as registering candidates.

Secure and intuitive collaboration

As a user of testing software, you want the tool to work intuitively and safely. The more accessible the software, the more you are inclined to keep working within the tooling. Moreover, an intuitive tool with a high level of security not only ensures that people can work together within those chains, but also that this happens safely.

Big data within assessments

By using a good digital assessment platform, you build up an incredible amount of relevant information. Among other things through the examinations you take. This data can then be converted into a qualitative and quantitative analysis of both the construction process and the test result. For clients with a small test construction team, such analyses can serve as a guideline for improving the quality of exams. For larger organizations that deploy their own testing expertise, the tool can be a means of verification to back up their own analysis. Of course you pay attention to content quality, but when monitoring the quality of your test, statistical control based on big data is a must!

With the use of a good assessment tool, you build up an incredible amount of relevant information.

Rob Bergevoet


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