An integrated calculator in takedown player Optimum Player

An integrated calculator in digital testing software

Imagine a testing environment where the stress of forgotten or outdated calculators is completely a thing of the past. With an integrated calculator in test taker Optimum Player, you not only provide convenience, but also offer a streamlined testing experience for every test candidate.

The challenge of external calculators

Imagine candidates sitting ready for a (financial) exam where complex calculations are required. Instead of messing around with personal calculators, with different features and integrity risks, they simply use the Optimum Player.

Benefits of an integrated calculator

  • For the candidate: The biggest advantage is undoubtedly convenience. Gone are the worries about a forgotten or faulty calculator. Every participant enjoys the same test options, supported by a calculator with just the right functionality.
  • For testing organizations: Integrating a calculator makes for a fairer and more consistent testing system. It eliminates the variables associated with external devices and provides a streamlined experience for both the candidate and the organization. Moreover, it eliminates the need to monitor external devices for fraudulent applications.

Optimum Player – Technical specifications & integration.

With an intuitive interface and the cutting-edge technology of the Optimum Assessment Platform, the integrated calculator is always available when it counts. Candidates thus remain focused on their exam, leading to a smooth and efficient process.

Safety, integrity and software security

Safety is a top priority at Optimum Player. The integrated calculator is available only when the exam requires it. In addition, the Optimum Player is designed with built-in security mechanisms that proactively counter any potential misuse.


Integrating a calculator into Optimum Player is more than a simple tool for calculations. It improves the exam process, provides convenience to the candidate and ensures integrity. Interested in the ultimate testing experience? If so, please contact us.

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