The role of narration in accessible digital assessments

The role of narration in accessible digital assessments

Imagine this: you are in the middle of a crucial exam, and the words on the screen keep eluding you. For many people, this is a reality. But with narration, this story takes a different turn. This innovative feature converts text into spoken words, suddenly making the exam process a lot more enjoyable for many.

What is narration?

Narration is a feature in (digital assessment) software that converts text into audible speech. This is done using advanced technologies that “read” the text to the user. The result is that an exam becomes accessible, making the exam accessible to a broader audience.

Who is it useful for?

Before we dive deeper into the benefits, let’s look at the target audience. After all, explanations don’t just happen. Different groups of people can benefit from narcosis. Think of individuals with dyslexia or people with visual impairments. Or what about candidates taking the exam in a language that is not their native language? Many people could use such a helping hand (or voice)!

Benefits of narration in digital assessment

The added value of narration extends beyond simply reading questions aloud:

  • Increase accessibility: Candidates with reading difficulties or language barriers can listen to the content, so their focus is on answering, not decoding.
  • Address language barriers: Vocabulary supports candidates for whom the test language is not in their native language, ensuring better comprehension.
  • Offer flexibility: Candidates can customize the speed and intonation of speech to suit their needs.

Feedback of results

Within many types of digital assessment systems, narration is not just limited to the test itself. Candidates can also access their results and associated feedback upon completion.

Additional support mechanisms

Declarations are just one of the many ways to create an inclusive testing environment. There are many other possibilities of innovative assessment software that enable equal opportunity and inclusivity.


Narration is not just a technical feature. It is a key to a more accessible and inclusive testing landscape. With this type of innovation, we ensure equal opportunity for all. Want to know more? Get in touch to learn more about how Optimum Assessment Platform can improve the assessment experience for your organization and candidates.

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