Written multiple choice exam

Examinations: digital and on paper

The client develops sector-specific learning tools and teaching methods. The asked how they could benefit from the advantages of digital examinations if many trainers want to take the examination immediately after a one-day course.

The courses are organised at various locations throughout the Netherlands. Digital testing is sometimes difficult to organise. Citrus Andriessen has therefore developed a solution with digital and paper properties based on a functionality that can compile random exams from the test software. The exam is then printed and taken on paper, provided with a unique QR code that is linked to a candidate. The assessment of the examination is automated. Candidates can see the preliminary results one day after the examination on a special web portal. In short, a convenient combination of digital and paper testing.

Because of the QR code, the system ensures that each examination is linked to the right candidate, even without having to fill in any data. This ensures safe testing and reliable results. Although paper testing usually has a delaying effect, candidates can quickly see their results, especially in the case of closed questions.

All data is contained in the test software, which uses the same databases for both paper and digital testing. The client does not have to develop examinations twice and can effectively compare and monitor the exam quality. Moreover, this ensures the same testing criteria for every candidate.


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